Hair Du Jour

Our black-owned hair salon in Philadelphia provides hair styling for a diverse clientele and also specializes in hair restoration and growth solutions.

Hair Care in Philly

Black Owned Hair Salon in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for a hair salon in Philadelphia, PA, or hair restoration solutions, Hair du Jour Salon is the place to go. We work with a wide range of hair textures – thick hair, coily hair, thin hair, and more. This means we offer a large variety of hair care including hair cuts, color treatments, highlights, curly cuts, sew-ins, texturizing treatments, keratin treatments, extensions, perms, and more. We also offer hair restoration products that encourage natural hair growth.

Our stylists’ cutting-edge techniques will ensure your satisfaction, whether you’re seeking a fresh, new style or just want to update your current look. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Our Diversity Pledge

Hair du Jour is a black-owned hair salon in Philadelphia that takes inclusivity seriously and is committed to providing quality hair care services to everyone who walks through its doors.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and are proud to offer a wide range of women’s services and treatments to meet those needs. If you’re looking for a hair salon or waxing services in Philadelphia that caters to a diverse clientele, look no further than Hair du Jour!

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25 Years Experience

Our Expertise

Ann Turner is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia and is a licensed professional with over twenty-five years of experience in the cosmetology industry. She is the owner of Hair Du Jour Salon and Integrity Hair Care Systems, as well as a co-founder and president of the Pennsylvania Professional Image Alliance. The companies provide services to women in the area of hair care and beauty products. It is our commitment to provide quality and natural products to our loyal clients/consumer base as well as the millions of female consumers of beauty and hair products.

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Salon Safety

Our Safety Precautions

Social Distancing

We make sure everyone in our salon respects a 6-foot distance to protect one another.

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Mask Required

We require our stylists as well as each of our customers to wear a mask at all times.

Clean Surroundings

Our stylists fully clean their work stations between customers to ensure our customers’ safety.

Booking Distance

We book our clients 2 hours apart to allow our stylists to fully sanitize their workstations.

Our Approach to Covid-19

When many businesses were forced to close during COVID, we worked together to create safe practices and solutions to opening back up while keeping our clients safe.

Hair Restoration in Philadelphia

Hair Regrowth Solutions

We not only provide hair care but provide our own line of hair growth solutions. Our Integrity Hair Growth System strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, which in turn, helps encourage hair growth and improves natural hair health overall. Our line includes hair growth serum, shampoo, and conditioner that are effective on all hair types. If you are experiencing hair thinning, hair loss, or brittle hair, our hair growth solutions might just be the answer.

Who We Are

About Us

Hair Du Jour is a black-owned hair salon in the Philadelphia area that provides hair services to a diverse clientele – from hair cuts to hair styling and more. We are committed to helping women find the hairstyles that truly express their style.

We also focus on providing hair care and hair growth solutions that prevent hair loss. Hair Du Jour puts an emphasis on utilizing hair products with natural and organic ingredients.

anne turner

Ann Turner, Owner